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Taste of Life

How could we give Martell a place on the Chinese dinner table? In China, premium western spirits are usually consumed in high-energy environment like clubs or bars. Whereas at Chinese restaurant, domestic spirits (Chinese Baijiu) ate the norm for social to business dining occasion.

BBH Shanghai
Art Direction Interactive Wechat H5 UX/UI Design Film Production

How it works

So we created on Wechat, an immersive virtual mobile restaurant that users can explore on their phones the Martel Taste of Life restaurant. Not only world curiosity lead them to different dinning occasions. In this restaurant, each story at each table was interactively using intuitive inputs from their phones.

Martell Bar

To introduce our 3 products, we have added in this virtual restaurant, a bar section, where users can discover each of them by interacting with the video.

Cordon Bleu Distinction table

Cordon Bleu table

Cordon Bleu Extra table

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